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Minnesota born, raised and still living in the Land of 10,000 Lakes. I love God, family, friends, words, classical and classic rock music, nature, learning, sharing, educating and exploring.

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Darla Medeck-Johnson

I grew up reading Little Golden Books, the ones that cost 29 cents each, with titles such as “Peter Hatches an Egg” and “Yip and Yap”. I knew animals couldn’t talk, except for Mr. Ed the horse of course, but that idea sure created many a story in my young mind. From the ants and caterpillars outside to my Uncle Ben’s horses, I made up story upon story of their struggles and successes. Someday, I knew deep in my soul, those stories and others would flow from my imagination to my hand as I penned a book.

My accomplishments include but are not limited to…

Insurance Broker

Master Gardener


Spouse of an Iron Ranger

Mother of an Alaskan and a Montanan

Mother to our fur babies, Eeshon and Kaja

Project Learning Tree Instructor






Lover of Nature

Author of Children’s Book(s)

Youth Gardening Camp Leader