Flash, Bang, Boom Inspiration!

I have been making up mini stories in my head since I was quite young. I was terrified of storms therefore the sight of darkening clouds and the sound of the wind gusts sent me straight to my bed with covers pulled over my head. The stories of what might happen because of the storm blew through my little noggin as briskly as the wind blew through the treetops outside. My mom tried to convince me the flashes and booms of lightning that sometimes shook the walls of the old farmhouse were “angels bowling in Heaven.” Hogwash! The story in my mind was anything but angelic! Oh well, I digress. You get the idea. Our senses are able to inspire a story as our brain interprets what we just heard, saw or felt.  Run with it. Outline it.  Most of all, write the first sentence!

Photo by Skitterphoto on Pexels.com

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