Persuasive Writing Style

Are you a person who loves a good debate or constructive argument, love to share your opinions in an argumentative fashion, write and submit your opinion on a current event or topic to the local newspaper? The type of writing you may be most interested in pursuing may be persuasive writing. This is the third of the four writing styles.  Persuasive writing is used in advertising, opinion pieces, and editorials.  One reference I read states a persuasive writer is also a good job application reviewer! Hmmmm, I hadn’t thought of that before but it makes sense. A job applicant is writing a persuasive piece to get an interview and who better to review those applications than a person who is a skilled in persuasive writing themself?

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I love hiking. And I love exploring different hiking trails. If I read something like: This trail is rated easy to moderate and runs through a pine forest I might be inclined to consider it. Now, if I read this about the hiking trail: This gem of a trail is rated easy to moderate with a mile of relatively flat, scenic trail followed by gentle hills and runs through an old-growth pine forest filled with lodgepole pines the settlers of the area might have used to build their log dwellings I would be more inclined to choose this trail. The writer of this used opinions in “gem of a trail”, “gentle hills”, “old-growth”, “settlers could have used to build their log dwellings.” Nonetheless, this would persuade me to try the trail out and let my knees decide if the hills are gentle!  As always, the main thing is to write the first sentence.

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