Writing Genres

Genres of writing according to en.m.wikipedia.org include: Action and Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy, Science Fiction, Horror, Drama, Mystery, and Western with subcategories in each one.

I would encourage you to write about what you enjoy reading or teaching.  My opinion an author is more likely to dive into the research and development of the characters, plot, setting, dialect, and other smaller, detailed components of the story if it is a genre, and a subject, they are interested in.  If you aren’t a 16th century history buff you are unlikely to write a complete non-fiction account of King Henry VIII and even one of his six wives. However, if you like reading action and adventure books with knights on warhorses, castles, the damsel in distress and her nemesis, you’ll enjoy the research and developing your story. Am I right?

Photo by Berendey_Ivanov / Andrey_Kobysnyn on Pexels.com

My preferred genre is the children’s version of action and adventure with a sprinkling of science, social skills and the importance of friendship.  Specifically, kindergarten through second grade, ages 6-8 years old. I guess that falls into a few of the subcategories mentioned above. Check out next week’s blog for writing for specific ages groups. Until then, just write the first sentence!

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