The 4th Writing Type: Narrative Writing

Narrative writing tells a story. It could be a fictional novel, short story, poem, biography, anecdote, or human interest story such as a documentary on a person or event. The story may be based on a real event or an imagined event, person or situation. Narrative writing will include a character(s) and may include dialogue, illustrations or both. The main goal of a narrative story is to take the reader through the story and learn what happens to the character(s). Therefore my children’s book, “Dewdrops to Raindrops” is a children’s narrative about a little red oak sapling and how he ultimately gets a drink of water.

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The type of writing you pursue really gets down to your “why” of writing. My why of writing “Dewdrops to Raindrops” is to educate children using characters, dialogue, description and illustrations to help them understand how an oak tree gets started, the importance of water and the water cycle in its ability to grow, the importance of being a good friend and keeping promises, and that patience is a very worthwhile virtue to learn and practice.  What is your “why”? I encourage you to find it and the writing type that is your best fit and write the first sentence!

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