Self-Illustrations or Out-Source

I love all things art and have been told I’m pretty good at it. My goal was to write a story for children that was educational, entertaining, contained some social skills lessons and encouraged a virtue. In “Dewdrops to Raindrops” the virtue is patience. I knew from the get-go I did not want to do the illustrations, too.  You may want to do your own pictures. Great!  More power to you! If you are like me and do not want to do the drawings, you will need to find an illustrator.

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Just as there are online resources for book agents and publishers, there are the same for illustrators. I did not spend much time looking at these lists as I am blessed to have a very talented daughter-in-law with a drawing program that accepted the challenge! We looked at various book covers similar to my book’s nature-themed already published to get an idea of the type of art I had in mind.  I sent her a rough story board for the number of drawings needed and a description of what I didn’t want. You read that correctly. I knew more of what I didn’t want than what I did want such as no faces on the pictures. There are no humans in my book and I feel there are enough children’s book with non-human characters with human features. You might disagree. That’s okay. Make your book your own as I have done.

Keep in mind, this is an added cost out-of-pocket if you hire an illustrator. An idea I had but didn’t need to pursue was to contact the local technical colleges with graphic design programs to see if one of the students was interested in illustrating my book. It was a potentially less costly option than hiring a professional. And, you could be helping the student launch their new career!

You won’t need to do any of today’s blog topic unless you write the first sentence!

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