More Expert Opportunities!

This is another review I received from another expert who reviewed my manuscript and gave me very useful suggestions for improving the content of my book. Laurie taught 2nd grade, helped me with appropriate verbage for that age group, as well as what words not to use, and brainstormed with me while developing some curriculum pieces to go along with the book. The curriculum ideas are compliant with the MN Curriculum standards which I had no experience with. Again, find your expert(s) and ask them to help you!

“Dewdrops to Raindrops is a must read for for any child! The water cycle is cleverly woven into the exciting tale of friendship between a young oak sapling and a dewdrop. The beautiful illustrations enhance the reading experience. As a grandmother and retired elementary school teacher, I highly recommend Dewdrops to Raindrops.” — Laurie Olson

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