First Time Author’s Mistake or Is It?

So, I requested and received feedback on my first children’s book, “Dewdrops to Raindrops, A Drip’s Trip to Make Sappy Happy” from the owner of an indie bookstore in the arrowhead region of MN. “A sweet story overall” it began. So far, so good I thought. The review then went on to say I ignored the suggested word count for a children’s picture book. Wait! What?! Oh crap! “The words and pictures should be balanced.” Well, I have to admit, I can improve on that one.

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Okay, so honest feedback from an expert in all things books. Now, what to do for the next story in the series? Reduce the word count to 500-700? That is not an easy task for this girl. Obviously, I need more experience in this area! Keep the word count similar and say “It’s my way or the highway?” It is my book, after all. Scrap the first book as a picture book and make it into a chapter book for young readers? Hmmmmm, not sure I am ready to reduce the number of illustrations as the next books’ lessons will be greatly enhanced by the illustrations. I’m pretty visual so that makes sense to me.

I am feeling stressed when working on the next story now. How can I say this in less words? Can I keep the conversation that lays out the science lesson to fewer words and questions from the main character to the older, wiser characters he is asking? Writing is a creative, fun outlet for me and many other people. Do I stay inside the “picture book box” or write outside of it? Since I’m self-publishing these books, for now, do I still have to color inside the picture book lines? More to think about and mull over. I’m a good muller over-er so no doubts that I’ll come up with the answers to my questions. Until next time, this adventure never would’ve begun if I neglected to write the first sentence!

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