Writing Prompt

Okay…to start off on this adventure of writing one has access online to more writing prompts than a person would ever have time to write about. So, although this is a bit macabre it is thought provoking. Think non-ficition here.

Photo by Luan Rezende on Pexels.com

Prompt: You have a limited number of heartbeats left. Truth. Maybe not a pleasant thought but certainly an accurate statement for all of us. With that sentence in mind, you decide how many heartbeats you have left starting from the day you read this. Divide it by the average number of heartbeats per minute, 72-ish, if you want days, months or years to work with. Got it? Great!

Now, here is the real writing prompt: What do you want to do with the rest of the time you have?

For those of you who are over-achievers and want to write a whole bunch more in different tangents, STOP!  We’ll do that in the next couple of weeks. Until then, write the first sentence, few sentences or paragraph!  I’ll do the same and post what I come up with on this blog.

I’d love to read what you have written! To share it, sent me an email at author@dmjohnsonauthor.net.

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