Moving On……

Well, as has happened before, my “see you next week” line turned into a few weeks. Ah, this thing called “life.” So unpredictable, isn’t it? Does that stop the progress entirely on this story? Nope! Just because the timeline is interrupted, does that mean the writing stops completely? Uh-uh. Pick up where you left off and keep on writing! Some great novels took 30 years to write.

Okay. In the last post, I suggested roughing out a setting for your character, whether that is you or a fictional one. This can be whatever and wherever you wish. I chose to keep it close to reality so my character, me, will be set in rural Minnesota in the dead of winter for now. Here it goes:

   Before my heart beats its final lub dub, I want to find my purpose in life. Contemplation of this goal has, at times, consumed every minute my brain has paused to rest. With every creak of my rocking chair, I have reflected on past tasks, gazing out of the large picture window, my thoughts as silent as the falling snowflake. Ideas and possibilities for finding my purpose keep time with the motion of my chair, forward, back, forward, back like a metronome.

I have started describing the setting in general terms. You should be able to deduce I have a rocking chair in proximity to a large picture window. Outside of that window, there is snow. As I have said before, remember this is a draft! Additions, deletions, revisions, and other editing will take place but not now. Just write it down. Some people put an outline together of their storyline first. Feel free to do so. I kind of fly by the seat of my pants much of the time but have been known to use an outline, too:)

For next time, continue to work on a sentence or two of the setting. After you have this written down, start on developing your character’s history. I’ll explain more about this section next time. Until then, keep on writing those sentences! Don’t forget to share them with me, too. I’d love to read them!

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