A Little Wiser…

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“Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than when you woke up.” Charles Munger

A little introspective today….this quote spoke to me. In ______ years from now, you fill in the number, what lessons will we be teaching our children about how to take care of Mother Earth. And on the flip side, what lessons will we be teaching our children about how to move forward from past errors as we pass the baton to the younger generations to take care of Mother Earth?

This is one of my “whys” for creating and self-publishing children’s picture books with a science/nature lesson component. Just the facts, no bias. If you wish, check out the first of the series of three books on my website.

Have a wonderful, wiser day!

Endangered Species…It’s About Assumptions

July 24, 2020

ENDANGERED SPECIES….It’s Really About Assumptions

Monarch butterflies are now listed on the endangered species list. I don’t think I’m the only person in this world that has made the assumption there would always be monarch butterflies flitting through my yard on the whim of the wind. Assumptions. The definition of the noun assumption, according to Merriam-Webster online is “assuming (to take as granted or true) something is true”. Other resources add “without proof”.

What else in life have you assumed would or would not happen? Is there a dream or idea you have put off until you have more time, money or after you retire? You would be assuming you will have more time, more money and live until retirement. I hope so however there is no guarantee or proof you or I will. That said, the point of this blog post is merely to remind you that there is no time like the present to accomplish your dreams. Do you want to paint? Learn photography? Knit a sweater? Make wine? Travel? Explore your surroundings? Learn something new? Invent a better mousetrap? Write poetry or your first novel? Take the plunge, don’t wait. As the Monarch butterflies have shown us, circumstances that are beyond your control can alter your world to the extent that affects the opportunities you have to live “life as usual”. Go ahead, start your dream today. Brush on the first color, cast on those stitiches, focus and frame your photo, hike the hidden trail, write the first sentence.

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Celebrate Local Authors!

Join me plus over 20 more local authors on Saturday, June 18, 2022, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the American Legion, 900 1st St E, Park Rapids, MN! Book readings, signings of new books purchased at the event and more will be happening! Color me excited to be a part of this great event with my first children’s book, “Dewdrops to Raindrops, A Drip’s Trip to Make Sappy Happy.” I have a limited number of books available so come on up to beautiful northern Minnesota and join the fun:)

Check out https://beagleandwolf.com/events.html for more information.

Life Happens…Blog Posts Don’t…Story Writing Continues

Good day! Sorry to have been away for so long. It has been a bit busy with a new granddaughter, extended journeys to SE Alaska, Oregon and Montana, plus a little revenue-generating work at the insurance office. HOWEVER, the number of blog posts written does not mirror the book writing I’ve done during this time. The second book of the Sappy and Dropsy book series has been sent to the illustrator while the first paragraph, the most difficult to for this author to set a catchy “hook”, has been written for the third and final book of the series! During this time, I also wrote a children’s story about a significant river restoration project on Chichagof Island in SE Alaska, how it relates to the future of the salmon population and subsistence living on the island. This manuscript is currently in review for cultural correctness and sensitivity as it contains a dictionary of Tlingit terms. Funny that. I started this story last summer and totally missed the mark on the content and gist of the educational component of the story. Can you say sidetracked with too many ideas? I now have another manuscript to finish “someday”.

I guess my message of the day is life happens, prioritize events, enjoy the scenery and always lug your computer, or whatever you use to write on or in, with you. Seven hours on a ferry or in an airport can be pretty productive time for your art. Just write the first sentence!

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Serious Thinkers

Good evening. As I write this, the Christmas tree lights are twinkling at random. Yes, we like the old-fashioned light bulbs that have their own blinkers! Call me a rebel:) Would it surprise you if I told you I stare at the shadows they make on the ceiling. A story or two has been inspired by doing just this!
Enough of that. I wanted to write today about serious thinkers and how important it is not to exclude them from your stories, poems, memoirs or other forms of writing you do including social media. (I’ll expound on that aspect in another post.) Today, being a children’s book author, I will focus on the serious-thinking 7 year old.
I was blessed to spend a few days at a very good friend’s home recently. Honestly, the questions their 7 year old daughter asked astounded me! Deep questions. She didn’t settle for an answer that glossed over the topic at hand, She continued to ask questions to get to the root of the original question! I’ll say it, again. She is 7 years old. That is the young person I want to write for. Ask the “who, what, where, when and WHY”. Not just the ones who take everything at face value and move on. I want to educate the youth who actually not only play with the box their toy came in but take the toy apart to find out how it works, so to speak.
My message here is to write for all audiences but don’t write in such a way as to bore the serious thinkers. They are out there and younger than you might realize. Not only that,, but they like to be challenged! So, go ahead and write that first sentence!

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