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More Expert Opportunities!

This is another review I received from another expert who reviewed my manuscript and gave me very useful suggestions for improving the content of my book. Laurie taught 2nd grade, helped me with appropriate verbage for that age group, as well as what words not to use, and brainstormed with me while developing some curriculum pieces to go along with the book. The curriculum ideas are compliant with the MN Curriculum standards which I had no experience with. Again, find your expert(s) and ask them to help you!

“Dewdrops to Raindrops is a must read for for any child! The water cycle is cleverly woven into the exciting tale of friendship between a young oak sapling and a dewdrop. The beautiful illustrations enhance the reading experience. As a grandmother and retired elementary school teacher, I highly recommend Dewdrops to Raindrops.” — Laurie Olson

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Getting an Expert’s Advice on Your Manuscript

I had the most fun yesterday recording a Zoom reading of “Dewdrops to Raindrops, A Drip’s Trip to Make Sappy Happy” in Mrs. Kreb’s 1st grade classroom at Heart of the Lakes Elementary School in Perham, MN! Alas, she is the distance learning teacher this year so there were no students to with us at the time. It was still so fun sharing my book with Mrs. Krebs knowing she will be sharing the video with the other 1st grade classrooms. Mrs. Krebs was one of the experts I reached out to while writing the manuscript. Her feedback was so valuable. Don’t hesitate to get expert opinions and feedback on your manuscript as you are writing it!

Earth Day!!

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than by writing or reading a story about nature. The options are many, e.g. geology, (rocks), trees, water cycle, horticulture (plants), zoology (animals), entomology (insects), arachnology (spiders-eeew!), and many more. How about the forces of nature that cause erosion? I for one love erosion by the wind for the crazy shapes it creates in hoodoos! Although, I’ve hiked on many river trails that have perfectly circular pots carved out of the rock walls by erosion through the force and movement of the river water. Mother Nature is truly a force to be reckoned with!

One theme in my first children’s book is the water cycle. Water sustains life. Without it, we don’t have life here on earth. Water wisely, reuse water when able, put out rain barrels or another water catchment system, take shorter showers or take a bath, turn off the water while brushing your teeth or shaving, and cleaning vegetables, check your faucets, toilets and showers for leaks, run full loads in the dishwasher and laundry washing machine, use mulch around plants and trees (not right next to the trunk), don’t run the hose while washing your car, use a broom to sweep steps and sidewalks instead of the hose, etc. For more ideas on how to conserve our precious water, go to Minnesota and California are participants in this project.

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To Do Today

Children need our support. Seems like an obvious statement but I know of too many young people who don’t have parental or sibling support as they navigate through their youth. For your child(ren), help them to be in touch with who they are, with nature and their friends. My first of a series of three children’s books, “Dewdrops to Raindrops, A Drip’s Trip to Make Sappy Happy” will help your age 3-8 child with a science lesson about the water cycle, tips on how to be a good friend and the importance of being patient.

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When writing your book, determine what points you want to focus on and weave them into your story.

This or That???

Check this out! No, this isn’t about the color of faux nails you prefer or the style of athleisure wear you like! This is about the future of our world, your child(ren)! Do you prefer they read run-of-the-mill children’s books or books that have valuable content? Check out to order “Dewdrops to Raindrops, A Drip’s Trip to Make Sappy Happy” for an original story with original illustrations that contains a science lesson on the water cycle, being a good friend and learning patience. Thanks for checking it out!