Drilling Down

My illustrator is drilling down on the final art tweaks and touches. My cover designer is working on the front and back covers as well as the page layout. I am working on a short author bio and story excerpt for the back cover. I think I have the easy assignment here;) I am also going to get my blog , Facebook and Instagram cranked up and out on a more regular basis so you can watch for that! Just had a bit of a lull in the action for the month of June. In addition, I hope to inspire you inner author with suggestions, ideas, images, and whatever else I can dream up! Sign up for email updates, please! This book will be EPIC!! #childrensbooks #readmeastory #naturestories #socialskillsfor6to8yearolds #learningpatience #watercycle #educationalbooks #water #oaktrees #teachingcurriculumtools

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