A Little Wiser…

“Spend each day trying to be a little wiser than when you woke up.” Charles Munger A little introspective today….this quote spoke to me. In ______ years from now, you fill in the number, what lessons will we be teaching our children about how to take care of Mother Earth. And on the flip side,… Continue reading A Little Wiser…

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The components of my first children’s book are coming together!!!

Color me excited! The main character of my book, a little red oak sapling, has been drawn, revised, revised again and is looking amazing! This project is a first for yours truly and for my illustrator who also happens to be my wonderful daughter-in-law:) I have also been fortunate to find a cover designer living next door to Minnesota in North Dakota. What????Just like foraging for local foods, I appreciate being able to support a “local” designer. When this book is ready for printing, it will be EPIC!

While hiking our woods the other day, before the newest snow fell, I saw this tree laying on the ground. Name the thoughts, ideas or imagery it creates for you. Write them down. Now, close your eyes, or not, and see the story in your mind and heart. Or write the words in your journal and come back to them later. You may have an entirely new story pop into your head! There is no limit to one’s imagination! How fun is that???

Write a story, poem or paragraph inspired by this log.