Book Reviews

Dewdrops to Raindrops is a must read for for any child!  The water cycle is cleverly woven into the exciting tale of friendship between a young oak sapling and a dewdrop.  The beautiful illustrations enhance the reading experience.  As a grandmother and retired elementary school teacher, I highly recommend Dewdrops to Raindrops. — Laurie Olson

“We read Dewdrops to Raindrops last night and I’m in love with the story, characters and illustrations! The bonus activity at the end was a favorite, too.  Well done!”

—Kari Townsdin, Mom and Art Instructor

Dewdrops to Raindrops is a story of growth. Growing friends. Growing up. Growing wiser. I found the environmental themes, science, and stories of life to be well tailored towards kids and the illustrations including a “find it” element in them are awesome! Sappy’s story is a great addition to your book collection that you will enjoy learning and teaching your kids with.”

—Ian Johnson, M.S. Environmental Specialist