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Write the First Sentence!

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Other than using your senses, what might be sources of inspiration?  Your career, avocation, love of learning, experiences you’ve had, architecture, culture or ethnic group can all be sources. Of course, the decision would be will you write a fictional or non-fictional piece? A “How To” or a pure piece of fantasy for the sole purpose of allowing the reader time to escape the real world for a while.  Are you an expert at a hobby you dearly love and looking for an outlet to share it with others? Start a blog, develop a class, post a video on YouTube or do Facebook Live to teach your craft in real time. Personal experiences that you want to share as a way of helping others going through the same thing can be powerful. Marriage, divorce, the birth of a child, weight loss, death of a loved one or someone you looked up can all be sources to draw upon. Over 25 years ago, as I watched my two young sons run down the hill with their fishing poles in one hand, hooks and sinkers flipping every which way, tackle box in the other, I looked at my niece and said, “No wonder my hair is turning gray!” It was an era where the small, anecdotal books were popular. She and I talked about what it would take to solicit, gather and compile entries from others around the globe on what made their hair turn gray. Another idea that didn’t go any farther than conceptual. No reason it can’t be revisited, though!

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Daily Adventures

Drilling Deeper into Writing Inspiration

Drilling down to more specific examples of what inspires me, it is a loooonnnnngggg list! When I look at the 50 or so words I wrote down when preparing to write this month’s blogs, I realize that each main topic creates a domino effect of inspiration much like the river that flows faster and faster the closer it gets to the waterfall. A tree will start me thinking leading to the forest it lives in leading to what the tree needs to grow that leads to the life cycle of the tree and all of its components. Yikes! It just goes and goes and goes. This is the process that inspired me to pen my first children’s book, due to be published in the next few months.
Smell of spring rain, autumn leaves, freshly tilled soil, a roadside of red clover blooms.
Taste of a snowflake as it lands on my tongue, the tang of foraged sorrel as I eat my “salad from the earth”, the salty sea water, the best dark chocolate.
The soft fur of my dog, the smooth skin on a baby’s cheeks, roughness of wool, the sting of the resident nettles as I forage, the bite of a mosquito. I wrote a story in rhyme while watching a friend’s 2 year old daughter. It was a very hot, humid day. She woke up from her nap with a terrible heat rash all over her little body. As my sons and she played in the pool, I wrote “Haley and the Huge Rash”. Just never know what the next moment of creativity will be.
Inspired, yet? Hmmmmmmmm……next week I’ll give you more ideas for inspiration! Until then, practice writing in your journal, pen an old-fashioned handwritten letter to an old friend, pencil out your outline. Most of all, write the first sentence!
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Daily Adventures

Flash, Bang, Boom Inspiration!

I have been making up mini stories in my head since I was quite young. I was terrified of storms therefore the sight of darkening clouds and the sound of the wind gusts sent me straight to my bed with covers pulled over my head. The stories of what might happen because of the storm blew through my little noggin as briskly as the wind blew through the treetops outside. My mom tried to convince me the flashes and booms of lightning that sometimes shook the walls of the old farmhouse were “angels bowling in Heaven.” Hogwash! The story in my mind was anything but angelic! Oh well, I digress. You get the idea. Our senses are able to inspire a story as our brain interprets what we just heard, saw or felt.  Run with it. Outline it.  Most of all, write the first sentence!

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Inspiring wildflowers on a hike
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My Inspiration to Write-A Month Long Series of How to Get Inspired!

Do you journal or keep a diary? Are you the family historian or genealogist?  Good for you! You are already a writer, an author, or poet, or even a playwright of your life story. Take one of the entries and see what inspired you to write that day? Most likely, it was an experience, conversation, or emotion you had experienced recently. A common question I’ve been asked is “Where do you draw inspiration from?”  In this and the remaining posts this month, I will list what starts my creative juices flowing. Hopefully, there will be a source that resonates with you!

The definition of “inspire”, from Merriam-Webster’s Online Dictionary, is “to bring about, occasion, e.g. the book was inspired by his travels to the Far East” and “to draw forth or bring out, e.g. thoughts inspired by a visit to the cathedral”.   Creative expression can be inspired in so many ways. I encourage you to think about the senses and be inspired!  Each sense will be broken down into more specific suggestions in the next few weeks.

Sight, Sound, Taste, Touch, Smell, Pain

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Sources of Writing Inspiration, The Beginning

Seek out something familiar, a topic or event you know, a conversation you’ve had. As you look for inspiration to start your adventure, and I do mean adventure, into writing, don’t make it any more difficult than you have to. Unless you want to.  There is that, I guess. The tougher you make the writing process, the more likely, at least for myself, to become overwhelmed leading to slowing or stopping the drive and ambition you were feeling when you started the project.  That’s when it is easy to say, “I’ll work on it later.” I have several of those projects. Do you??  If you are one of the fortunate people that work better under this kind of stress, go for it! Either way, pen the first line. I promise the next lines will come. And, have fun!  The sense of accomplishment and fulfillment when your project, no matter if it is a Haiku or a novel, feels amazing😊

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