This or That???

Check this out! No, this isn’t about the color of faux nails you prefer or the style of athleisure wear you like! This is about the future of our world, your child(ren)! Do you prefer they read run-of-the-mill children’s books or books that have valuable content? Check out to order “Dewdrops to Raindrops, A Drip’s Trip to Make Sappy Happy” for an original story with original illustrations that contains a science lesson on the water cycle, being a good friend and learning patience. Thanks for checking it out!

The First Pages of “Dewdrops to Raindrops, A Drip’s Trip to Make Sappy Happy”

This story is written with imagination, creativity, themes of the water cycle, friendship, patience and listening to elders. The incredible full-color illustrations are not “cartoonish” so you won’t find eyes, noses, or mouths unless it is the one given to the critter by nature! This will challenge your child to use their observation skills to see how the little oak sapling is feeling by his “tree limb language” just as we humans use body language as a form of non-verbal expression. Get your copy of “Dewdrops to Raindrops” today by selecting the Buy Now button. Need more than one copy? Email me at and I’ll let you know the cost with postage and handling! Thanks!!

How To Explain the Water Cycle to Your Children

This beautiful book is 8 X 10″, softcover, 48 pages with 25 full-page, full color illustrations.

Come on inside these pages for the story of Sappy, a very thirsty red oak sapling, and a dewdrop named Dropsy. Not only does Dropsy teach Sappy how he will eventually get a drink of water, he teaches Sappy about friendship and patience. Bonus pages and illustrations offer your child(ren) a “find the critter” in the illustrations. Another learning opportunity! Order your copy today with the Buy Now button on this site! Thank you for supporting education and this first-time author,

My Book Has Officially Arrived!!!!!!!

Blast off with me as I launch my new children’s book, “Dewdrops to Raindrops, A Drip’s Trip to Make Sappy Happy.” This is sooooooo exciting!!!!! Ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one……………………We have ignition and LIFT OFF!!!!! I am reaching for the stars with my first children’s book! I hope you will join me in this adventure and order your copy today! Just click on the “Buy Now” button:) Thanks!

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Editing Your Manuscript

Congratulations! Your manuscript draft is complete. Wow. That feels so good. You’ve expressed yourself, the story that has been bubbling inside you has been released into words and you’re done. Right?!  Welllll, maybe yes, maybe no. I have a few more suggestions for you to think about if you haven’t already done so.

Editing.  Unless you are an English major or very well-versed in all things editing, you really should consider finding a professional editor. The polish an editor gives your manuscript will take it from being a stick drawing to a Rembrandt. Punctuation has several fine points and differs between the United States, England and even Canada.

Personally, I am fortunate to know a retired high school English teacher who was willing to read through my children’s book manuscript and edit it for me. A personal friend, relative, colleague, or a call to your local school could be of immense help in this area.

What’s the big deal, you ask? Professionalism. Producing a book that is worthy of a consumer buying. If your only goal is to record your memoir for your family you probably don’t need this step. Anything beyond that, you will be very glad you did!

As always, you don’t need to take blank pages to an editor! Write the first sentence!

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