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My Why

My bestie gave me an encouragement stone, you know the smooth rocks that have positive messages engraved or painted on them, after an unexpected loss of my life’s career became my reality. The stone reads “Do What You Love”. I gotta tell ya I was doing what I loved in that career. Okay, moving on…..This was my opportunity to figure out my new “love”. It turns out I had it all along but was afraid I’d fail miserably at it so didn’t even attempt to look into it. That love is writing coupled with teaching our youth about their environment and how they can connect with it, appreciate it, treat it well and pass it along to their children and grands. So, in a nutshell, that is my why for diving into the world of authoring and publishing a children’s book. Do I have formal training as a journalist. Nope. But I have a gift for writing I’ve been told many times over so I’m going with it. I hope you will join me on this journey. Maybe figure out your “Why” and how to do what you love, too. I be grateful if you’d share my blog with your friends, kids’ teachers, siblings…you know what I’m saying:) Thank you!!

I hope to inspire my readers of all ages to allow themselves to imagine!

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Venturing Into the Book Zone

Do you have a love of children, nature, reading, learning, teaching, exploring and trying new adventures? Welcome to my world! I’m happy to meet you and hope I can help bring all of those loves together with my new children’s book. The manuscript is finished and will go to the editor by the end of this week! This is incredible as I have finally taken the giant step from “Someday I want to write a children’s book” to “The manuscript is going to the editor.” Crazy!!

This is my first post. Watch for future blog postings with more information on the progress of what I hope is a fun, educational read worthy of gathering your little chicks together for storytime.

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